• No hardware to buy and maintain

    Our customers no longer have to worry about the intricacies of hardware procurement, operating system compatibility, maintenance costs and upgrades.
  • Simplified IT management

    The pain of having to have suitable backup procedures, maintenance and support contracts in place is all removed, therefore simplifying IT infrastructure management for small and medium businesses. 
  • Always up-to-date

    Our single code base approach means that we upgrade your software on a continuous basis, meaning that you will always have the latest features and fixes installed.
  • Efficient software support

    Because we have full access to the servers at all times and they are located with us (or at least our service provider), when there is a problem, we have immediate and predictable access to these machines in order to rectify issues quickly.

cloud based solution delivery

Taking the hassle out of IT hardware ownership

By now, most people will at least of heard of the latest 'buzz' word in IT - 'cloud-based' computing. Quite simply, it means that the software that you use is running on a computer server located somewhere outside of your own business, and that software is accessed over the internet, rather than on a local network within your own company. The benefits are straightforward - you no longer need to worry about buying, running and maintaining any computer hardware to run your applications.

EECSoftware solutions are ONLY delivered to customers as cloud-based services. We do not offer any software which is installed locally on your business premises. From our point of view this greatly simplifies support, enabling us to accurately manage upgrades and scheduled maintenance to the service, for all of our customers.  

It is also important to understand how we operate the Darwin Total Travel System. We operate a strict 'single code base' business model. What does this mean? Basically, it means that all of our customers will be running the latest version of the software at the same time. When one customer is upgraded, all customers are upgraded. From our point of view, this makes a huge difference; it means that we are only ever maintaining one version of software, not many different versions for different customers. All of this is only possible through cloud-based computing, as it is only then that we are in full control of the software code on centrally hosted servers.

Wether you need Tour Operator Software, Travel Agent Reservation System or Cruise Reservation Software, in fact a booking/ reservation system for any area of the travel industry, then EECSoftware can help with the adaptable Darwin Total Travel Platform.