• Intuitive user interface to manage complete business trips

    Darwin is easy to use and provides a simple tool to bring together all of the various components that make up a complex business trip.
  • Manage and report costs

    Easily track and report costs for each business trip to allow easy, quick and accurate reconciliation back to cost codes for cross charging and budget allocation.
  • Automatically produce itinerary information for business travellers

    Print itineraries and schedules for business travellers.

corporate travel management 

Meeting the needs of the corporate business travel manager 

Do you work for a major organisation and have to plan the trips and events of executives and staff across the business? Do you find youself tying yourself in knots in lines of Excel spreadsheets, emails, costs codes and budgets? Well, we may be able to help!

Darwin, our Total Travel System, is aimed at managing the 'itinerary' style of 'trip' that are typical of many business people. Take for example a trip of executives to visit India for a round of supplier visits. They need to be collected from home, taken to the airport, flown to India. They need to visit Mumbai for 2 days, transfer from there to Bangalore for a further 2 days. They want to stay for the weekend and take in a visit to the Taj Mahal. Two of the party will then fly back to London and two back to Manchester .... ok you get the picture.

Darwin is built to manage just this type of complexity. But more, the system focuses heavily on the management of costs and suppliers to provide easy tracking and reporting, to provide an easy and simple way to audit the costs pertaining to each trip, even assignable to each of the travellers. This can save simply hours and hours of painful manual work. To understand how Darwin may fit your needs further, please feel free to call us for a no obligation conversation and to find out more about how we may be able to help you further.