• Start with something simple

    Our entry level products provide a cost effective way to deliver a good website from which you can launch your business on a budget. 
  • Implement in phases

    We understand that changing systems can be risky and a major change for any organisation. It is all too easy to take on too much at once. With Darwin, you choose which parts of the system you wish to implement in what order, and when.
  • Migrate relevant data 

    There is little point starting out with a shiny new system to only then fill it with bad quality historic data. However, some data may be critical to your day-to-day operations. We work with you to assess what is relevant, clean up the data and migrate the right data to support your business.

flexible implementation

Move forward and implement at a pace to suit your business

For Travel Industry customers, we have two primary products - basic travel web sites and the Darwin based integrated platform which offers both advanced travel web site capabilities and a reservation system. We distinguish between these two because it allows us to adapt the implementation approach for our customers to suit budget, timescale and business requirements. 

For smaller companies - especially those that may be start up businesses - we may well start by implementing a basic web site, based around a standard Content Management System. This will offer simple functionality and whilst perfect to get businesses off the ground, can become time-consuming to maintain, with data duplicated in various places acrosss your business.

Darwin is based on the model of establishing a central, single repository of travel data for your business - data which can then be used to feed either your website and/or your reservation system. The key is that you may choose to do one or other or both of these elements of the system. Even if you decide to do both, you may not want to do both at the same time, due to the potential impact on your business by taking on too much change at once. No problem. You can implement each part independently, and then, when the time is right, implement the other component.

Implementation flexibility is further extended with various options to support data migration from your existing systems. Some customers for example choose to bring all data into Darwin from a previous system. This can be done as chargeable work during implementation. Some customers may choose to bring partial information (e.g. customer data and nothing else). Others may decide to bring none and start with a clean database in the system. This again provides flexibility to customers who have different needs, timescales, data and budget.