• Cloud solutions = rapid deployment

    Taking away the need to source, install and configure hardware allows us to implement solutions to our customers in a matter of hours or even sometimes minutes. 
  • Use technology to drive change

    We believe that your business should succeed 'because' of IT, not 'in spite' of it. Our solutions are aimed at becoming the enabler for your business growth, productivity, cost saving and success.
  • Virtual working

    We focus on using technology innovatively ourselves - for example conducting nearly all meetings online via Skype or Facetime, totally removing all need to have costly 'dead-time' whilst travelling and minimising our own operating costs - savings which can be passed on to you, our customers.

speed to market

Innovative Technology brings efficiency, productivity and cost saving

Our focus in everything that we do - be it web sites, tour operator solutions, travel agent systems, corporate travel solutions, or custom bespoke development - we strive to make technology simple to the end user.

All of our solutions are developed and deployed over the internet as 'cloud based' software. What does that mean? Well, our applications are native 'web-based' applications - we are not simply running Windows-based software and allowing you to access that on your Windows-based device. Our applications are designed and built as 'web' applications, making them efficient and high-performance solutions. Of course, from the customer perspective, it means that all the issues of buying, installing and supporting hardware are removed. It means that from our perspective, we can offer a level of support in terms of defect resolution and ongoing upgrades unparalleled by suppliers who rely on their software being installed at a client site. 

We have many years of experience of developing innovative software. It may seem a while ago, but we were at the forefront of the earliest on-line revolution in 1998 and 1999. We developed some of the earliest innovations in on-line travel booking as well as multi-channel click and collect operations for the retail sector. All of this should give you confidence that firstly we know what we are doing, and secondly that it will always remain our intention to drive technology forward. 

But first and foremost, our innovative solutions enable you to get to market fast. In times where the barriers to entry are being reduced all the time, competition gets stronger and stronger each day. Time is critical and our innovations are not simply about the software that we develop - it is about using technology to optimise our own business operations. Our approach to delivery of solutions for example, means that we conduct the vast majority of our business meetings on-line and will be remote from you most of the time, with meetings and presentations conducted over the internet. Reducing travel time from our side and maximising our own productivity is key to our business model by removing 'dead time' on the road. This may take some getting used to for small businesses - but it is the very example of 'innovation' that we seek to apply to your businesses and that we feel can truly make a change for many small amd medium sized companies.