advantages of our tour operator software

  • Supports bespoke 'itinerary-based' booking processes

    The ability to support a full range of tailor-made itineraries, highly efficient and intuitive user interface, allowing easy transition to new systems and line by line management of bookings and costs.
  • Full business administration support

    Full suite of back office functionality to support financial management, FOREX management and forecasting, compliance reporting, supplier payment management and more ....
  • Customer documentation 

    Automated production of customer documentation for quotation and pre-booking information. Template based documentation system puts you in full control of your documentation for clients. Includes production of regulatory certificates such as ATOL certificates and bonding requirements. 
  • Business reporting

    A standard set of business reports to support sales, marketing and financial information as well as the ability to create custom reports as part of the implementation process to meet your precise needs. 


  • Rating: 5
    EECSoftware is a rare thing … real technical programming experts who speak English and makes things easy for the non-techies working with them! They quickly grasp what you want or need from software, and make it happen speedily and accurately. Having any bespoke computer work done feels like a bit of a risk, but it’s one which we are delighted we took with The work they have done for us has brought very positive change to our business, and we recommend them without hesitation. Amanda Marks, Tribes Travel

booking software for tour operators

Tour Booking Software designed to meet the needs of tailor-made tour operations

The world of Travel has seen a massive change over the last couple of years - the era of the 'package holiday' has been rapidly replaced by a move towards a more 'sophisticated' traveller who knows exactly what they want to see, when and for how long. Much more focus is now placed on the assembly and management a tour, for individuals, families or groupss, often unique to each customer. The world of 'bespoke' and 'tailor-made' holidays has truly changed the way that consumers research, select and buy their holidays. The challenge of managing this more complex business and booking management process is most often felt most strongly by the Tour Operators - the ones who are often handling the ultimate booking - placing greater emphasis on having suitable tour booking software. 

In a world where each booking is at best 'slightly' different - and at worst 'unique' - the support of powerful software systems, built for the very purpose of managing bespoke tailor-made holidays and tour bookings becomes critical. Through Darwin, our Total Travel System, we have built a solution targetted specifically at this need. Not only does the system manage the booking process at a line-by-line level, but it then goes on to support the back office functions of accounting, supplier management, payment handling, reporting and more to support the entire business process. 

Handling a tour booking, by its nature, becomes complex. A tour booking process typically involves Issues such as hanndling many passengers, individual pricing for each passenger, variations on arrngements for some passengers - for example some doing some excursions, some doing others, some making own travl arrangement, some staying for longer than others. Our tour booking software is sepcifically designed to undertand and support these types of complex tour booking problems, making the process simple, easy to understand, reducing time and increasing efficiency of the bookign process. 

You can find out more about Darwin by watching our short presentation of the key features of the product. Of course, this can only provide a quick overview. For further information and to find out more about the solution, please feel free to contact us for an informal chat and to discuss your particular requirements in more detail.