• Customised training

    Training is planned and designed with you as part of the process of implementing your solution. 
  • Off-site, on-line or on-site

    Different approaches will suit different organisations and situations better. We fit the right approach to the right situation, to make training as effective as possible.
  • It doesn't stop when we leave!

    We provide backup and support at all times to our customers to answer your queries and questions.


Effective use of systems comes from using the correct systems correctly

The best systems in the world can be misused to the point that they bring about major inefficiencies and significantly workload rather than solving problems. It is also common that companies implement hugely powerful tools, but that users only make use of a tiny proportion of the functionality of these tools, and consequently miss out on major time saving opportunities. 

In terms of our own products - be that a simple web site or our flagship Darwin Travel Platform - we provide the right training to allow you and your users to make the most of the system. We tailor the training to meet the needs of your organisation, which may be through internet based training, videos, on-site, group or individual training. Whatever it takes, we make sure that not only do you have the tools, but you have the knowledge of how to use those tools to best serve your business, and to achieve true operational efficiencies.