press release

EEC Software becomes UK MODX Ambassador

Recognising EECSoftware's committment and contrbution to the OpenSource movement, we are delighted to be able to announce that EECSoftware has been appointed as an Ambassador Organisation for the MODX Content Management Framework project.

OpenSource has truly revolutionised the world of software development and cost effective delivery over the last couple of years. Recognised as one of the leading content management systems, MODX is rapidly gaining recognition and gaining ground as the development platform of choice for many development organisations. First using MODX as early as 2009, EECSoftware, as an ambassador for MODX, has undertaken a number of MODX based projects; latterly, all development work has now been migrated to this platform and it has become the platform of choice for all projects within the company, creating a true 'centre of excellence' around the framework.

As an Ambassador for the project, we look forward to not only spreading the word of MODX, this fantastic project, but to providing support, guidance, training and project development on behalf of clients as well as continuing to contribute to the onward development and extension to the capabilities of the MODX product itself.

We are very proud to be ambassadors, and look forward to being able to work with many companies in the near future.