• Only see the features that you need

    Configuration options allow us to 'hide' functions that you don't need, keeping the solution simple and clear to use and operate.
  • Ability to influence development

    Our target is and always will be small to medium sized businesses - as a result, those businesses have a genuine ability to influence the design and functionality of the solution on a daily basis. We are not tied to having to support the needs of one huge customer, ignoring the needs of everyone else.
  • Strong match to your business process

    By requesting enhancements, you have the ability to influence the fit of Darwin to exactly meet the business needs that you have.

Flexibilty through customisation

We expect and understand that each customer has their own way of working - and we are happy to respond to that need.

Firstly, Darwin has a number of configuration parameters which allow us to set up options within the system to support your business needs. For example, document production, quick quoting and quick booking are all features that you may choose to disable.

The solution also provides a comprehensive set of options which enable us to set up and configure role based rules - allowing certain functionality depending on the role of the logged-in user profile. The fine details of this will be defined as part of our implementation process, to closely match the roles in your business to the features of Darwin that each user should be able to access.

If with all of that there is more that the system needs to do, then we will happily add further features to the system. Our community based development model means that features are being requested from all users every day, and as they are developed and incorporated into the system, all users gain the benefit of these new capabilities.