• Share data between systems

    Data that is common to multiple systems within your business can be kept up to date and in-line - for example accommodations you wish to sell and pricing information between accounting and sales systems.

Seamlessy Integrate your other systems

Darwin has an open JSON based API which allows your own developers to link other solutions to Darwin quickly and easily. 

The open API allows access to all key data management elements of the Darwin solution including client, quote and booking management, as well as all payment and accounting functions. The API uses standard JSON technology to enable integration between systems, and this allows you to link either to web sites, telephony systems or accounting packages. 

Of course, we can happily assist with integration of your systems. If you need to link to your favourite email marketing solution and wish to send for example opt-out messages from the email solution back into Darwin to prevent future emailing, we will happily work with you as part of the implementation process to link your different systems together. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.