• Access from anywhere anytime

    System is cloud based and easily accessed anywhere anytime
  • No hardware required

    Save time and cost whilst reducing complexity of technology for your business
  • Compatibility issues a thing of the past!

    Our solution can be accessed from any web browser on any device - no longer do you have to worry about which version of computer and operating system you have, nor are you forced into a cycle of continual hardware and operating system upgrades.
  • No hidden costs

    Our prices are simple, clear and all inclusive. Unlimited support and all hosting is included in the simple monthly charging model.

Cloud Based Hosting and Support

Darwin is a totally cloud based solution - you access our solution over the internet using a standard web browser from any device, in any location at any time. This eliminates the need for the purchase, installation or maintenance of any hardware, software or specific operating system version to support Darwin. As it is browser based, any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, PC or MAC - is able to use the application, removing issues of compatibility between operating and back office systems for good!

All hosting fees are covered in the ongoing monthly licence fee. This includes unlimited access 24x7 (subject to very occasional planned outages). In the event of issues, we provide a standard level of service through our SLA. The reservation system is supported through normal business hours and web sites are supported as you would expect 24x7. 

We cover support for the system within the monthly service charge. Issues are easily raised through our online defect logging solution; linked directly to our development team.