• Tailored implementation process

    We will match the implementation process to your business - we look at your current business process and systems, assess what data is required and the best way to get data from your current systems across to Darwin, be that manual or automated.
  • Established migration from other reservation systems

    We have already migrated data from existing reservation systems, so have a library of routines readily available for migration from common systems.
  • Rapid delivery of Darwin solution

    Even for more complex cases, we plan for a full implementation of Darwin to typically take on average 10-12 weeks.

Implementation and Data Migration

Most travel companies have vast amounts of information relating to either products, services, clients, quotes or bookings. Of course this will exist in many different places and in many different systems and in many different formats. We understand that migrating from any existing way of working, which may have been in place for a number of years, is a challenging and demanding undertaking for any business. 

Through our implementation and data migration services, we aim to make this as easy and painless as possible and each implementation is tailored to the needs of each client. Depending on the requirements in each case, a typical implementation may include all or any of:

  • Training
  • Document template library setup
  • Email template configuration and setup
  • Product database setup, either by automated import or manual data entry
  • Client data migration
  • Current 'in-flight' booking migration
  • Client history including quote and booking history

We will assess your needs on an individual basis and are happy to quote for all requirements to meet your specific needs. 

We have established data migration routines from other standard reservation systems. Please enquire for further details.