Full support from enquiry to booking

The Darwin system has been specifically designed to support a complex, often drawn out, sales process - a process which involves multiple different quotations, with different options and pricing, production of quotations for each, before the client finally makes an informed choice.

And the system goes further to recognise that bookings aren't always 'complete'. The time priority for different elements of a booking can be driven by a number of factors - flights for example may well sell out long before accommodation, meaning that the Agent or Operator needs to start confirming some elements in advance of others. Unlike many traditional reservation systems, Darwin does not force the Operator to have confirmed availability or prices before a booking can be made in the system. Elements can remain provisional, awaiting confirmation from suppliers in terms of availability and price, enabling you to fully manage a 'staged' booking process. 

We increasingly find with Flight Plus and Package Travel Arrangements, that the distinction between Tour Operator and Travel Agent is becoming blurred. As an agent, the facilities of Darwin remain valid - if you are 'assembling' components into a single booking for a client, perhaps accommodation, flights and car hire, then you will benefit from the functionality that Darwin has to offer.