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Travel software pricing

Darwin is a single platform providing a scalable Total Travel System for Tour Operators and Travel Agents. The platform comprises two major components: firstly a 'back-office' reservation system and secondly a 'front-office' web site solution.

Whilst there are many advantages to using both modules of the Darwin platform together and to having both your website and reservation system hosted as a single entity, it is also easy to implement either the reservation system or travel web site independently of each other. If you wish, you can link your existing web site to the back office system and utilise our comprehensive API (application programme interface) to integrate your site to the reservation system. This also allows customers to implement back-office and front office systems at different times to control the level of change across their business - and it is also easy to implement either module as a second stage of implementation, perhaps separated by a few months.

The reservation system is made available as a cloud-based solution and is accessed over the internet. Our flexible payment plan enables us to offer low implementation costs and our monthly rental model enables organisations to spread the costs over time.

Travel web design and build is undertaken as bespoke development work for each client, ensuring that each of our customers gets a unique web site meeting their precise requirements. Naturally, we build in the latest techniques for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that your site has the best chance of 'being seen'.